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Latest news about Fiat 500

Ad Shandy Cruzcampo 2011 - FIAT 500

From Youtube, we demure one of the last ads of a famous brand of beer, which is designed for the new Fiat 500.

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First Edition Fiat 500

Before the initial kick from the sale of Fiat 500 in China, which will take place in mid-September, the Italian manufacturer is gearing up to launch the Fiat 500 First Edition.

A limited series of 100 units characterized by showing a body designed by five young Chinese artists whose work reflects the union between the two cultures.

The five designers were selected to work Leilei Tail, international avant-garde artist, Mee Wong, professor of art at the Guangzhou Institute, Benny Luk, a designer who has references in several countries; Nod Young, a visual artist of world renown and Yan Wei, a teacher of drawing and illustration.

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The Fiat 500 is the preferred compact in Germany

The Fiat 500 is first in the "Study of Vehicle Ownership Satisfaction" by JD Power and Associates, known agency that, since 2002, has conducted market surveys to determine how much German drivers are satisfied with their cars and brands. The prestigious award ceremony was held in Berlin publisher Axel Springer.

With a total score of 81.8% in the "small car", the first Fiat 500 was placed in a classification that has traditionally been led by German and Japanese models

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Fiat 500 Cabrio

The 500 will be a fierce talking point this summer, and the Cabrio will offer the fun factor. It is a convertible that will not leave you completely exposed, because the roof rails remain in place when the cover is convertible. The advantage is that the roof can be opened while driving, because their process is quick and straightforward. The Convertible will look in top form on trips to the beach in the afternoon or for al fresco meetings.

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Alonso debuts the 500 Twin Air

The Spanish driver Fernando Alonso (Ferrari) will star in new advertising campaign 'Fiat 500 Twin Air, Everyday Fun', to accompany the commercial launch of the new 500 Twin Air.

Available for television, print and radio, the communication strategy is based on the idea that to enjoy the pleasure of driving is not necessary to have a high powered car.

Just board the new Fiat 500 Twin Air to find out how 85cv turbo engine, its compact and sporty look can make everyday activities more sporty driving experience.

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