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Club Fiat 500 is the portal where you will find all the information available online about Fiat 500. Images, news, videos, wallpapers... and with time, a large community of friends. Go for it and register!

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Latest news about Fiat 500

First Fiat 500 Interior Photos

These new images show the interior and the details of the new Fiat 500. As you can see not leave anything to chance.

The interior of the 500 is comfortable and creates a very warm, do not forget the finishing touches "retro" reminiscent of the first units of this model that went beyond the decade of 30-40.

The chrome accents, the dashboard to match the body color and two-tone seats give the Fiat 500 very flashy style that will make this new model is a fashion car, 2011.

interior (6 images)

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The New Fiat 500

I enclose in this second post a series of images of the car and in production and ready to go out.

This new model of the Fiat 500 would be remembered for the great nostalgic moments.

exterior (4 images)

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The sketches of the Fiat 500

Today we officially started the Club Fiat 500. Little by little we will be filling the web for news, videos, images and analysis that we find online and in turn we will create a great family environment to the forum. I hope you like it and you feel comfortable within the club!

Well, what better way to start the web that preliminary designs used to create Fiat this new version of 500.

bocetos (5 images)

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