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Vitamins for 500C

Viewing Abarth number of customers who prefer esseesse preparations, it was logical that sooner or later, this version came to the 500 convertible. One in three Abarth 500, according to the brand, just incorporating this kit that significantly improves performance and adds specific adjustments to achieve one hundred percent fun.

Now these improvements will come at 500C Abarth, the engine 1.4 16v Turbo 140 hp TJet happens to have 20 more hp and maximum torque in Sport mode can reach up to 230 newtons / meter. With this, the 500C is spectacular performance, achieving speeds of 209 km / h and acceleration from standstill in 7.6 seconds. The assembly of this kit does not affect the power law of Euro V emissions, and continues to meet the 151 grams of CO2 per kilometer.

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