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Fiat 500 Twin Air: Fiat put you in the 500 to 150

The financial Fiat offers a really interesting funding for the new Fiat 500 Twin Air. There is some fine print, but for 150 euros a month you can have a small Fiat, one of the hottest models of the moment, also equipped with the latest technology.

It is true, buyers may purchase up to the end of May his Fiat 500 Twin Air 150 euros a share to be paid for 72 months, equivalent to 10,800 euros. To all this we must add the entry, which is 3,900 euros ... a very reasonable figure. Between them the account remains in 14,700 euros, taking into account that the spot price of the car is 13,250, the fact is that funding is really good. In the words of Antoine Burguière, director of marketing for Fiat "such actions correspond to the priority objective pursued by Fiat to develop funding options that directly affect the profit and customer satisfaction."

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