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Fiat introduced its new version of '500 '

In an event that takes place in Miami Fiat presented the new 'Fiat 500' produced at its plant in Toluca, Mexico. The meeting serves as the kickoff for the arrival of this new product to the Argentine market.

Produced in Toluca, Mexico, at the Chrysler plant, the Fiat 500 comes with all safety devices required by the strict U.S. regulations on the subject and offers a wider range of facilities to make "pleasant and comfortable driving experience" , said in a statement.

This new range to hit the market incorporates the 1.4 16V engine with multi - created and patented by Fiat Powertrain - that favors power, torque, economy and low emissions, and offer the choice of manual or automatic sequential 6-speed. It also adds EVO 1.4 Fire engine 1.4 engine that equips the entry version, if the bid for the Argentine market.

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