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New Fiat 500 Pictures

Today we bring you new images of the new Fiat 500, this time outside the car and on a street circuit.

As you can see, this car has all the earmarks of being small but useful.

Those involved in the design have been the children of Fiat Style Centre and produced at the factory Tichy (Poland). The car measures are 5.55 meters in length, a width of 1.63 and a height of 1.49 m.

As we mentioned in a previous post, and we could deduce in the notice, the amount of customization options are huge, reaching almost half a million possible combinations, which make it almost impossible to find two identical down the street.

The new Fiat 500 has three types of motor:

  • Fire 69 bhp 1.2 8v (Petrol)
  • Fire 1.4 16 V with 100 hp (Petrol)
  • 1.3 Multijet 16 V 75 hp. (Diesel)

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